Increase website traffic and visitor engagement

Create a dynamic forum for your site in minutes

A professional forum system allowing you to create forum pages within your website
Make your website more attractive and dynamic, within minutes and for free. Our forum system is unique and has proven to increase website traffic and visitor engagement, to prolong visit time and to significantly promote your website in search engines (e.g. Google) and social networks (Facebook, Twitter).'

What's included?

Real-time commenting

Receive content updates without refreshing the page

Social integration

Integrate ForumIT with social networks and give your users the ability to add polls

Advanced management system

A simple yet powerful dynamic dashboard to control and manage your forum

Works great on

3 steps installation

What's included?

Full feature list

A professional forum system for websites
Multiple language support (English, Русский, Français, Español, Português, עברית)
Real-time commenting - receive content updates without refreshing the page
PostRank™ - intelligent comment rank algorithm
Author reputation
Complete search engine indexing (e.g. Google)
Inserting polls into posts
Integration with social networks
Advanced management system
Editing and removing posts
Chameleon™ - the design automatically inherits your website design
Automatic SPAM and profanity filters (optional)
SSO - Integration with an existing user repository
Unlimited threads per page Showing last 5
Users can search or sort posts
Multiple administrators
Email notifications to administrators upon new posts
Migrating data from an existing system to Pnyxe
Tailor-made customizations


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