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Implement Underliner to your site and give your users richer content experience while viewing your pages.
Underliner will fetch summarized insights and related information about your content and will show it to your user without leaving your site. Underliner will underline the relevant content and with a simple hover of the mouse, the related content will appear. It can't be more simple and it's absolutely free.

What's included?

Get richer experience

Show users summarized insights as well as relevant social content and media.

Increase users engagement

With more relevant content to show your users, improve your time on site and pages viewed.

Implement in seconds

Just copy our short script and paste it to your site!

Works great on

2 easy steps getting UnderLinerâ„¢ extension to your site

How to embed UnderLiner™ on your site

Add this in the 'head' tag
   <script>var shadowHost=''</script>
   <script type="text/javascript" src="" defer> </script>
Wrap the part of the html you like the plugin to work on with
   <div id="shadowId">