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DiscussIt Comment System
A professional comment system allowing visitors to collaborate within your website articles. Social networks integration, polls and advanced management are just the tip of the iceberg.
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ForumIt Forum Widget
A professional forum system allowing you to create forum pages within your website. Let your visitors collaborate, publish polls and a whole lot more, while maintaining your full control.
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A widget that allows you to show a preview of the most recent content, right on your home page. This will attract visitors to create content and stay longer on your website.
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Real-time commenting - receive content updates without refreshing the page
PostRank™ - intelligent comment rank algorithm Unique
Author reputation Unique
RankIt™ - page ranking
Complete search engine indexing (e.g. Google) Unique
Advanced composing options (Rich Text)
Inserting polls into posts Unique
Community "inappropriate post" reports
Optional author registration
Integration with social networks
Advanced management system
Optional pre-approval of posts
Editing and removing posts
Chameleon™ - the design automatically inherits your website design Unique
Advanced customizable widget design
Reports such as registered users, page ranks
Email notifications to users
Automatic SPAM and profanity filters (optional)
Exporting posts to a file
Client-side API, e.g. Show number of posts
SSO - Integration with an existing user repository Unique
Purchase verification of reviews for online stores
Fully hosted by Pnyxe (SaaS)
Unlimited threads per page
Showing last 5
Users can search or sort posts
Multiple administrators
Email notifications to administrators upon new posts
Migrating data from an existing system to Pnyxe
Tailor-made customizations
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Starts at $129/mo
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